Best Man Speeches

the Best Man’s speech is one of the most eagerly awaited and dreaded moments of any wedding day.

With forethought, this speech can be witty, touching and memorable. The wedding guests will either laugh with surprise, or gasp from shock as those memories of batchelor times are recounted.

It can be amusingly embarrassing by design or, without planning, embarrassing for all of the wrong reasons.

Some people are just not made for stepping up to the mark and presenting a speech with confidence, or not at least without the right preparation.

If you are about to be a Best Man, then we hope to show you some great tips and tricks inside the pages of this site.

If you are the Groom and really don’t want the day to fall apart at speech time, then again, we are sure you will find some great advice within.

It’s not just a matter of throwing a few anecdotes together, hoping that the families and friends all see the funny side, presenting a Best Man speech really is like walking a fine line between humour and indecency.

What might be funny to those who had known the Groom through his earlier years, it might not receive such applause from the concerned and caring faces of the bride’s family.

Equally, you need to preserve the Groom’s self-respect. The moment for destroying his character is not during this speech but maybe at the stag party instead.

Having said that, the audience wants some mild embarrassment, they want to hear those quirky stories, just maybe not in so much details as you could relate, and they certainly don’t want to see the start of a divorce before the ink on the wedding certificate is dry.

In order to help navigate you along the tightrope walk of preparing a Best man’s speech, we have gathered together a few templates that you can work from, and we have thrown in a few great examples of what might or might not work.

Don’t forget, your speech is the keynote of the reception, much less restricted than the other speeches of endless thanks and favours.

Let’s work through the templates here and make your speech one that will be remembered for many years to come.

Oh and one final point. Don’t just change the names in the templates and hope no one notices. Try to inject your personality and that of the groom into the final speech, it really will be worth the effort in the end.